How Can You Help?



Join the Collective

We would be grateful for your time with some of our projects. As a member of MRH Research Collective, we would acknowledge your support in all publications.

Donate generously to a worthy cause

All donations are thoroughly screened and professionally audited. They are used for the the free screenings, to provide life-altering intervention to indigent individuals who cannot afford treatment and other documented MRHRC programs.


Volunteer to participate & provide administrative support during the antenatal outreach programmes.

Blood Donation

Another way through which you can help is by supporting the blood donation drive program where you save people’s life by donating blood. A healthy adult can give a pint of blood (500ml or one third of a big bottle of Eva water) every 6 months with no problems whatsoever. You can also mobilize friends, family, employees, colleagues, church member and mosque members to come and donate blood.