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Our Goal

Our goal at the Maternal and Reproductive Health Research Collective in conjuction with Nurture Health Services and Solutions Ltd is to draw resources together to help reduce these indices through research, health talks and discussions, and direct intervention to provide indigent women/families financial and moral support to obtain treatment for some of these ailments. We have also recently embarked on a program to track pregnant women with the use of mobile technology in the hope of ensuring they deliver with skilled health care practitioners.

Our goal is to implement authentic and innovative clinical and epidemiological research into maternal and reproductive health issues, in order to improve the practice of maternal medicine and reproductive health in general.To disseminate authentic information about maternal and reproductive health issues to stakeholders in order to prevent maternal deaths and reproductive illness. To assist women with reproductive health as well as pregnancy related problems socially and financially as required whenever possible.



Our future plans are to continue to carry out well designed research in order to get a scientific basis into maternal and reproductive health issues and get answers that are directly related to women in our environment. We plan to raise funds to run courses and develop protocol to improve reproductive health and management of pregnant women. We also plan to continue to give free advice and information to women, expanding that to women outside our immediate community and to rural women. Finally, we plan to continue to help indigent patients, especially women and children, with their medical bills as much as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to hasten the reduction of the maternal mortality ratio in Nigeria and to pro-actively foster the sustainable reduction in the incidences of reproductive health morbidities such as cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea and syphilis.


A woman dies every 15 minutes from childbirth in Nigeria and the maternal mortality ratio in Nigeria is an alarming 576 per 100,000 women, compared to 8 per 100,000 women in the UK.

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