Preliminary Reports on Community Cervical Screening Program – 7/2/09


Wasimi Health Post, Onigbongbo Local Govt Area, Maryland IkejaOrganisers

1. Dr.Bosede Afolabi & Dr.Okunowo Representing Maternal And Reproductive Health (MRH) Research Collective.
2. Nurture Health Services and Solutions Ltd.
3. Onigbongbo Local Government:
4. Drs Olude And Olufowobi
5. Mrs Adenekan, Acno Luth.


1. Residents of Onigbongbo Community-Women
Cervical Cancer Is Best Defined As A Preventable And Treatable Cancer Of The Female Genital Tract, Especially If Detected In Its Pre-Malignant Phase.
The program was kicked off by opening prayers and speeches by the local government chairman, Honourable Idowu Obasa.
Summary of speeches delivered involved the need for better health services for women and the great opportunity presented by Dr.Afolabi and the MRH group. All inhabitants of the community were encouraged to partake in the exercise as it could lead to better quality of life for them.
The chairman’s remarks were followed by a brief health talk delivered by Dr. Afolabi-key points of this involved general health tips followed by specific early symptoms of genital tract diseases particularly genital tract cancers.

This began with a brief history and documentation of health problems followed by the VIA (Visual inspection with acetic acid).

To detect pre-malignant lesions on the cervix (the neck of the womb) using acetic acid.
To reassure women with negative screening and advise them to have regular screening.
To give a health talk to women, letting them know the warning signs to look out for generally.
To recommend or refer patients for treatment for abnormalities found eg antibiotics, referral for cervical smear or colposcopy.
The program yielded a fair turn out with about 80 women voluntarily undertaking the somewhat invasive screening method.
Total screening time –about 6hours
Total number of positive or inconclusive VIA (i.e needing further treatment or investigation) =18
Total number of negative VIA=54
Of the 18 positive, 14 were recommended for cervical smears and 4 for colposcopy.

We recommend that the local government should assist the women found positive with funds for further investigation. The cost of colposcopy and biopsy for one woman is N5000 and the cost of cervical smear is N2000.