Report On The Third Session Of The Cervical Cancer Screening Program – 11/7/09

Venue: Onigbongbo Public Health Centre At Number 24 Araromi Street Onigbogbo.


1. Dr.Bosede Afolabi & Dr.Okunowo Representing Maternal And Reproductive Health (MRH) Research Collective.

2. Nurture Health Services And Solution

3. Onigbongbo Local Government:

4. Drs. Bantale And Babalola


Residents of Onigbongbo Community-Women
The third session of community cervical cancer screening with visual inspection with acetic acid [VIA] was carried out at Onigbogbo Public Health centre at number 24 Araromi Street Onigbogbo on 11th of July 2009. It was conducted by four medical doctors and three nurses under the aegis of MRH Research collective and NURTURE Health Services and Solution. The program commenced at 11:30 am.

Community women were given health talk by program coordinator Dr. B .B. Afolabi and Dr. A.A Okunowo, as it relates to general and reproductive health issues. There was an interactive Question and Answer session, where various reproductive healths related questions were discussed.

Cervical cancer screening using VIA was carried out on 60 community women. 7 women were adjudged VIA positive and 4 women with inconclusive results were referred to LUTH for further evaluation.

Women with other pathologies were given treatment and referred to health facilities for further treatment and follow up.

The session was concluded at 4:30pm